9900000LM Most Powerful LED Flashlight High Power 1500 Meter Tactical Search Flashlight Type C Rechargeable Torch Hand Lantern

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We collected suggestions from buyers and developed this ultra-long-range flashlight. The upgraded wick makes the light more concentrated. It is an ultra-long-range flashlight. The light shines at least 1500 meters away, helping you to better familiarize yourself with the road ahead, making your nighttime adventures more reassuring and comfortable. It is a very suitable flashlight for outdoor adventures, caving, hiking and other activities.

Latest 600 W LED Flashlight Features
The latest high-power flashlight uses a 600W LED wick as the light-emitting point, has 5 main light modes, and has a COB light at the tail, which can be used continuously for 36 hours. The flashlight has a built-in battery, a built-in 10800mAh battery, no need to buy additional batteries, and there is a power display to know the remaining power at any time. Charging with Type-C fast charger, it is a must for everyday life and brightens your night.
Product Details:
Product name: super long-range flashlight
Material: super aviation aluminum alloy
Wick: 600W LED
Product weight: 400g
Range: 1500 meters
Bulb/LED life: >1000,000 hours
Battery: built-in battery
Lighting time: 6-10 hours
Charging: type-c fast charging
Switching mode: 5 modes (strong light-medium light-low light-strobe-SOS)
Waterproof grade: IPX-6
Zoom mode: telescopic zoom
Battery indicator light: blue light (full power), red light (low power)
Special design: eye protection COB lamp; focusing technology, fast charging technology
Use environment: camping, eye protection reading, fishing, home lighting, rainy day search and rescue, field adventure, emergency help.