New Metal Detector MD-3050 Underground Gold Detector Treasure Hunter Finder Profesional High Accuracy Waterproof Search Detector

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Please note before purchasing:

1.Product is not full waterproof.Only detection head is waterproof.So please don't use machine underwater.Unless use corresponding waterproof cover.

2.If the instrument has the ringing the situation :

①please remove interference factors around the machine, such as indoor floor reinforcement, metal watches, gold and silver jewelry, shovel, spade

② suggested that the open field test in the outdoor use.

③Low battery will also trigger an alarm(As the detector consumes a lot of power, alkaline batteries are required. If the detection also produces abnormal sound without contact with metal, it is usually due to the use of carbon zinc battery or alkaline battery with low power. Replace with an alkaline battery with sufficient power.)

④Don't affix matallic labels (or anymaterial that might cause the detector to alarm ) to the detection area of the MD-3050.Doing so might cause an inbalance within the detection field and thereby reduce scanning effectiveness.

*Any problems after the product is received can consult customer service, we will solve for you. Thank you for understanding!*


Name: Portable Underground Metal Detector Hunter Gold Digger Treasure Hunting Tool

Material: metal + plastic

Power: 9V 6F22

Current: Static: 10mA

Maximum: 20mA

Frequency: 20KHz

Voltage: 7.2-9.6V

Sensitivity: 25 cents / 5 cents: 50mm

Coil: The probe disk can be simply waterproof, but cannot work in water for a long time.

Weight: about 1.3kg

Colour: black

Packing List:

1 * Metal Detector

1 * User Manual