MY6816/MY6815 Network Cable Tester Digital Signal Finder Anti-jamming Noiseless On-load Line Finder with Line Finding Function

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This is a new type of digital signal finder, it has a strong anti-interference function to any current or magnetic field and other external environment, fast and accurate line checking speed, whether with or without load can be accurate positioning, communication lines, wiring and other weak current system installation, maintenance engineering and technical personnel of practical tools. Widely used in telephone system, computer net work and metal wire lines and other fields.

Line Finding Function: Look for shielded or unshielded network cables, look for the other end of the phone line plugged into live or no live equipment, accurately determine the short-circuit position of the cable and the location of the wire break, and the BNC coaxial cable can be found.
Transmitter Low Voltage Prompt Function: When the battery voltage is lower than or equal to 6V, the Scan and Sequence indicators blink at the same time, indicating that the battery needs to be replaced.
Delayed Shutdown: The transmitter will automatically shut down after 30 minutes without operation to avoid power loss.
Headphone Function: In a noisy environment, you can wear a headset to avoid external interference.
Sensitivity Adjustable Function: In the line can be turned on the receiver sensitivity adjustment knob, adjust until the sound size is appropriate.
Lighting Function: Suitable for working in dark environment.
Storage Bag: Comes with a storage bag for you to neatly store the tools in the bag, easy to carry and not easy to lose.

Material: ABS
Power Supply: DC9V 6F22 battery (NOT included)
Max. Working Current: Transmitter: ≤20mA; Receiver: ≤30mA
Signal Transmission Format: Multi-frequency pulse
Signal Output Level: 8Vp-p
Signal Distance: ≥3km

Model: MY6815 / MY6816 (Optional)
Item Size:
Emitter: 126 * 48 * 33mm / 4.96 * 1.89 * 1.30in
Receiver: 175 * 40 * 23mm / 6.89 * 11.57 * 0.91in
Item Weight: 124g / 4.38oz
Package Weight: 235g / 8.29oz
Package Size: 22 * 15 * 4.5cm / 8.66 * 5.91 * 1.77in

Item Size:
Emitter: 147 * 57 * 28mm / 5.79 * 2.24 * 1.10in
Receiver: 178 * 46 * 26mm / 7.01 * 1.81 * 1.02in
Item Weight: 157g / 5.56oz
Package Weight: 268g / 9.45oz
Package Size: 22 * 15 * 4.5cm / 8.66 * 5.91 * 1.77in

Package List:
1 * Receiver
1 * Emitter
1 * Clip Line
2 * Network Cable
1 * Tool Bag

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