Mini 9LED Red Flashlight 1Mode Nurses Caregiver Infrared Vein Imaging 625nm Vein Finder Torch Pocket Tactical Hunting Flashlight

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(1 Mode) Red 9LED Specification:

Product name: 9LED red light flashlight

Material: aluminum alloy

Product color: black

Light color: red light

Maximum brightness: 50LM

Wavelength: 625nm

Switch gear: one gear (one on and one off)

Power specification: 3*AAA (without battery)

Net weight: 36g

Product size: 8.7*2.6*2.6CM

1. One of the hardest parts of taking blood can be finding a suitable vein. Some patients are ‘difficult sticks’. Their veins are either very small or deep, preventing health professionals from finding a site easily and quickly.

2. Repetitive needle sticks are painful for the patient and may also lower their confidence in the ability of the phlebotomist performing the stick.

3. While our this device to help you to find veins easily for smaller clinics or facilities, even for collectors and hobbyist, it is suitable for most of people for finding veins with the least sticks.

4. The red flashlight is specially designed for night activities. Human eyes are most sensitive to light in the red range, but red LED flashlights don’t scare animals, so this red light is helpful for finding animals in the dark, such as pigs, coyotes, foxes… not so much Sensitive to red lights so you can find them without disturbing them

5. This red luminous flashlight is also specially designed for observers, it is effective to observe at night but it is difficult to find the target, if you use white light, animals will avoid you and you cannot see their natural behavior at night, so, this Night light flashlight is great for finding animals in the dark, helping you spot turtles, snakes and reptiles

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(1 Mode Zoomable) Red With Clip FEATURES:

Red Light LED Flashlight,Zoomable,Tactical Torch Clip,Adjustable Focus for Hunting,Climbing, Astronomy Observation

Small in size but output brightness will up to 150 yard when powered by 14500 battery.

Skid-proof & water resistant design. It can be used in rainy days (but can’t put it into water).

Adjustable focus range for different usage. Stretch it to adjust its focu.

Comes with a clip for convenience.

Working voltage is wide and can utilize the batteries in the largest extent.

The strobe mode can make you get noticed when you need help in an emergency.

Perfect for cycling, hiking, fishing, camping and other outdoor activities.

Reflector: convex lens

Material: aluminium alloy

Light Color: red

Modes:3modes high low sos

Switch: tail-cap press button

Battery: 1 x AA battery or 1 x 14500 battery (not included)

Item Net Weight: 52g

Packing list:


(1 Mode) 501B Red Flashlight Description :



-Material: 6061T Aluminium

-Bulb: High bright XPE RED LED

-Light Color: Red LED

-emitter Max output 350Lumens

-Lighting Distance: 500 Yards

-Modes: 1

-Current: 1.5A

-Operate Voltage: 3.7v-4.2V

-Batteries:1 x 18650 3.7v Li-Ion battery (Dont include)

-Body Color: Black


-25.4 mm body diameter

-IPX4 waterproof

-Torch Size:132 x 29 x 25(mm)

Package Included

1* RED light flashlight

(1 Mode) C8 Red Flashlight Description


-Material: 6061T Aluminium

-Light Color: XPE RED LED

Lighting Distance: 400 Yards

-Max Lumens:350lm

-Modes: 1

-Current: 1.5A

-Operate Voltage: 3.7v-4.2V

-Batteries:1 x 18650 3.7v Li-Ion battery (Dont include)

-Body Color: black


-25.4 mm body diameter

-IPX4 waterproof

-Torch Size:150 x 46 x 26(mm)

Package Included

1* flashlight

(5 Modes Zoomable) A100 Red Flashlight Features:

1. Built tough, impact-resistant and lightweight

2. Top grade aluminum casing, resist rust and corrosion

3. Quick click switch

5. Outstanding focusing optic system provides superior beam consistency from spot to flood

6. Compact size and a convenient strap for added portability

7. Low power consumption, long running time

1. Color: Black

2. Emitter BIN:

3. Lumen: 90000 Lumens

4. Material: Aluminum alloy

5. Color BIN: Red

6. Power: 5W 200yards

7. Battery Configurations: Only 1 x Rechargeable Battery or 3xAAA (Not Included)

8. Switch Type: Click

9. Switch Location: Bottom

10. Modes: 5 (High>Middle>Low>Srtobe>SOS) With a slight press of the power button changes the operating mode.

11. Size:

Product size: 13 * 3.5 * 2.5cm

Expansion size: 14.3 * 3.5 * 2.5cm

Package Include: 1*flashlight