Waterproof Pinpointer Pulse Dive Underwater Detector All Metal Search LED Lighting Alarm 3 System In 1 Square Round Probe

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Three Systems in One The World’s Cheapest and Best Quality Unrivaled Model PulseDive

PulseDive metal detector used for underwater searches and targeting single coins scattered on the surface. You can examine many features from the subsection. It allows pinpointing thanks to the heads produced according to three search types. Underwater searches and land searches are made with the scuba head. Three systems in a single device are the only systems that are sold together and it is an unrivaled model with the best price guarantee.

Patented Design

This innovative design enables rapid conversion of the device from Pinpointer to Coil Detector or vice versa in a matter of seconds.

IP68 Waterproof

Water resistant up to 60 meters.

Pulse Induction

Thanks to this powerful technology, the device works smoothly in salt water or any type of soil.

Detection Notifications and Indicators

1. Voice Only
2. Vibration Only
3. Noise and Vibration

Notification by LED in addition to any of the above.

Quick Reset

It provides stable operation of the device with the touch of a single button.

Dive Mode

It provides easy operation underwater by locking the keys and preventing the water pressure from pressing the keys during deep diving.

Package Included

1 – System Box

2 – Replaceable Scuba Search Coil *2

3 – Changeable Pointer Search Coil

4 – Battery Compartment Cover (For Land Use)

5 – USB Charging Cable

6 – User Manual

7 – Hard Carrying Case