LOMVUM Metal Detector Backlit Black AC Wood Stud Finder Cable Wires Depth Tracker Undeground Sturs Wall Scanner LCD HD Display

Price: 59.99

LOMVUM Metal Detector Backlit Black AC Wood Finder Cable Wires Depth TrackerUndeground Sturs Wall Scanner LCD HD Display Beep

LOMVUM LW10 Metal detector apply for detecting metal hidden in walls, ceilings and floors (reinforced steel, copper pipe), cable; wooden beams, metal, electricity under the plasterboard cable. Make the decoration drilling works safer.

Max Depth when Dectect Different Objects
-3 Detector modes :Stud Scan Mode,Metal Scan Mode and AC Wire Scan Mode
-Detects Ferrous Metal up to 120 mm in depth
-Detects Non-ferrous metal (Copper) up to 100 mm in depth
-Detects AC up to 50 mm in depth
-Detects Copper wire up to 40 mm in depth
-Detects WOOD up to 38 mm in depth
Woking Ambient Humidity:0-85%RH (METAL MODE)
Woking Ambient Humidity:0-60%RH (OBJECT MODE)
Woking Ambient Temperature :-10℃~+50℃

Package Includes:
1* 9V battery (not included)
We provide 6 languages E-manual for buyers(EN/ES/DE/IT/FR/JP), Leave emaill add to us to get it.

Funtion 1

You can detect the AC live wires, copper, wood, metal underground and inside the wall by lomvum Metal detector.

Funtion 2

Backlight Large screen displays measurement results,You can see the data very clear how deep is the object and how close the object is.


Wood 3.8cm
Ferrous Metal 12cm