46950 flashlight Lumintop Mach USB TYPE-C 26000 lumens 520 meters powerful outdoor searching flashlight with side switch

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Lumintop Mach 46950 version power flashlight with TYPE-C charging port outdoor flashlight

Modes: Moonlight; High 1; High 2; Turbo; Strobe/SOS/Beacon
Distance: 520 meters
Intensity: 67500cd
Light source: 8*XHP50 LED
Power: 234W
Battery: 1* 46950 Li-ion battery.
Flashlight size: 68*51*156mm
Net weight: 830g (including battery weight)

Operation instruction:
1. ON/OFF: One click of the switch.
2. Output change: From ON, Press and hold the switch to ramp the output up to High 1, or down to Moonlight.
3. High 2 and Turbo: From ON, 2 quick clicks the switch to enter High 2, another 2 clicks to Turbo, and 2 clicks again will go to High 1. Press and hold the switch from High 2 or Turbo will ramp the output down.
4. Moonlight: From OFF, press and hold the switch for 1 second.
5. Strobe/SOS/Beacon: From Moonlight, two quick clicks the switch to enter strobe, another two clicks to cycle through SOS-Beacon-Strobe.
6. Battery check: Three clicks the switch from OFF. Blink 3 times then another 7 times, then it’s 3.7V.
7. Lock-out/Unlock: 4 clicks from OFF. Momentary ON is available under lock-out when pressing the switch.
8. Fan mode: From OFF, 5 clicks the switch to activate or inactive the Fan mode, and the corresponding button light will turn on or off simultaneously. With the fan function activated, the fan will turn on automatically when it goes to Turbo or when the temperature is high on High 2 mode, To save energe, the fan will automatically be turned off after the temperature drops.
9. Switch back-lit light ON/OFF: Continuously 7 clicks from OFF.

Other functions
Mode Memory; USB-C quick charge/Discharge Function; Over charge protection; Over-discharge protection; Reverse protection; Over-heat protection; Low voltage protection.